One-storey house on a plot with a slope. The area of ​​the house is 170 sq. In the plan, the house has the shape of the Latin letter L, forming a patio inside with a terrace and a grill area. In one part of the house there is a private area, in the other there is a large living room-kitchen with a projector screen instead of a TV.


House for 200 sq. with a second light, finished in red facing bricks.
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House Brick

The goal of the project was to create a minimalistic one-story home for a weekend getaway.
All the necessary premises and their interconnection were organized in a total area of ​​128 sq. M. On the southeast side of the terraced terrace and panoramic windows from the living room. The windows of all bedrooms also open onto this terrace. In the northwest there is an entrance to the house, a storage room, a boiler room, a bathroom.
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We needed to design a modern house for a young family of 3 people, in which everything you need for a comfortable life is on the ground floor. The second floor should be autonomous, including also autonomous heating. A special feature is the second floor, which serves as a guest house. That is, instead of a detached guest house, it is simply made on the second floor and has everything for a comfortable stay.

The house has a large living room with a kitchen-dining room, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, two dressing rooms, a sauna and a garage. Everything fits on the ground floor.
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Unique house in a secluded place surrounded only by nature
We used Corten steel to decorate the house to emphasize the supremacy of the environment itself. The house fits seamlessly into the local landscape and impresses with its architectural form. Most of the facade of the second floor is occupied by mirrored glass, reflecting the beauty of nature. So the house dissolves even more into the environment, without pretending to be the main role. The house has a very spacious layout inside. It is conventionally divided into two large zones - one for the owners, the second for guests or for rent, like a hotel.


Design a 2-storey house of 200 sq. with an office on the 1st floor and living space on the 2nd floor. At the same time, on the ground floor, make separate entrances to the office and residential areas. The first floor of a residential block should contain a technical room, a staircase and a guest room.
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Our task was to design a home for orphans, where there are all conditions for the development of strong personalities. Where everyone has the opportunity to come and spend time with children.
On the site, we placed three interconnected blocks of different heights. The middle block has three floors, where the first and second have lobby areas, an assembly and sports hall, and a recreation area. The third floor has several rooms for staff and guests visiting children. The block on the right (yellow) is administrative. It has a reception, an isolation ward, a first-aid post, and a manager's office. The block on the left (red) on the first floor houses areas for the upbringing of preschool children, on the second floor there are living areas for children, which in turn are divided into women and men.
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The task was to make a non-standard solution for the facade, the color of the house was chosen coral.

Large windows for good lighting of the rooms. Be sure to think over a place for street parking under a shed.
Custom façade in coral-colored concrete.
Frameless glazing.
Carport and terrace made of sheet steel welded to the channel frame.


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The coliving has its own small, closed courtyard, ground floor with coworking, laundry. Apartments are intended for young families or young people who are not yet going to buy a large apartment for themselves, but do not want to live in rented apartments with poor interiors. The coliving provides for all turnkey apartments with different designs, perfect for a comfortable life.
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HOTEL house in the forest

Design a cozy home hotel for wildlife travelers
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This house is one of several that needed to be designed on a small plot. The area of each should not exceed 130 sq. M. Each house should also have a small courtyard and a terrace for relaxing in the summer. All houses should have a spectacular, minimalist architecture and all are linked stylistically into a single composition.
This house is special ... It is dominated by an atmosphere of harmony, tranquility, aesthetics. Both the architecture and the interior remind us of the Japanese trend known as wabi-sabi. Everything is simple here, without any frills. This home is for true aesthetes, it encourages thinking, thinking about global issues, looking for answers, philosophizing.


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House for temporary residence. A forest plot with a slope, on the territory of which it was necessary to remove unnecessary trees in order to place the house. We needed to design a 1-storey house with a large carport. The same task was to create a house in such a way that it would blend in with the locality, without attracting too much attention. Another important wish was to make panoramic glazing.
We chose the most advantageous location for the house on the site and removed excess vegetation there. We have created such an architecture that the house is really invisible, but reveals up close and impresses with its beautiful form. The main building material is concrete, an additional one is wood. Heating - combined boiler firewood + electricity. A 7 kW diesel-electric generator was also installed, which ensures the comfort of living in the house. Continuous panoramic glazing is located in the southeast, and the glasses themselves have a sun-protective coating, which protects in the summer. The road to the house was leveled, fenced off from the sloping site with a curb and covered with rubble.

We created a house that harmoniously located on this picturesque site, allowing you to merge with the surrounding nature and feel comfortable, secluded, far from the noisy city.


Design a 2-storey cottage in a modern style with an area of about 150 m2.
The house has a rectangular elongated shape. It uses a lot of wood. In particular, the most dominant element is the structure designed to protect the terrace area from the summer sun. Common areas are traditionally located on the 1st floor, and private areas on the 2nd. From the master bedroom there is an exit to a spacious terrace-balcony with a beautiful view of the forest. The interior is very simple and minimalistic.
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Create a house that is roomy enough, with a nice yard and a waterfall, a pond, a terrace. The house and interior should be minimalistic, made of concrete and rusty metal, and inside there is an abundance of wood. The house must be energy efficient.
The house is located on the cardinal points as it should be to ensure energy savings. The constructions have been thought out in order to make the house airtight and with excellent ventilation. Heating and air conditioning, hot water supply, everything is provided by energy-saving technologies. In the interior of the living room, everything speaks of the aesthetic taste of the owners of the house. An abundance of wood, no unnecessary details, a minimum of bright colors. Almost invisible, but occupying a special place is the ethnic ceramics and sculpture of a walking man.
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The house is conventionally created from three volumes combined into one expressive composition. On the ground floor there is a large common space, which consists of a living room, kitchen, dining room. From here there is also an exit to the terrace in the courtyard. On the second floor there are two spacious bedrooms, a large bathroom and an exit from the bedrooms to the terrace of the second floor.
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237 House

The house should provide convenient communication with the city, but be in an environment close to nature. The house should have panoramic windows, a minimum of furniture and decor. It doesn't have to be monotonous.
An excellent plot made it possible to arrange the house in such a way that its southeast side faces the natural landscape, and the city remains invisible. It is on the opposite side. This allowed all windows, terrace and pool to be south facing. Rich colors were used as decor, which, moreover, blur the boundaries between exterior and interior. Building materials - Poroterm blocks.


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I want to work and live in one place. In order not to travel somewhere, and that would not have to pay for rent. That the office would characterize the architect with its appearance and design. It is an architect's dream to live and work in a house that speaks of him.
The project is a building that combines both housing and a full-fledged office for the state of at least 10 people. A special feature is that the entire volume of the rectangular building is divided into two autonomous blocks with their own entrance.

Another feature is that the building is visually 2-storey. In principle, this is how it is, only the second floor is not full, but a mezzanine.
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Today, the problem of energy conservation and investment in the construction of their homes are especially acute. Housing should be accessible to everyone, without compromising the aesthetics of the architecture. Moreover, the building materials market is filled with proposals of those that are not environmentally friendly enough. At the same time, there are many alternative building materials that are exceptionally sustainable. Therefore, the house should not be large, have everything you need for life and recreation, consist of ecological materials and be energy-efficient.
It was decided to make the house in two parts. The first one has such zones as an entrance hall, a living room, a kitchen-dining room. The second part consists of bedrooms and a bathroom. The two parts of the house are interconnected by a walk-through corridor in which there is a large wardrobe. A walk-through corridor with a wardrobe is located in the immediate vicinity of the hallway, which is very convenient. The house stands on a columnar foundation, which provides significant savings for its construction and ventilates the underground.


To create an energy efficient home that would be compact, at the same time, seemed rather spacious, and its architecture would be laconic and at the same time look daring.
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