This house is one of several that needed to be designed on a small plot. The area of ​​each should not exceed 130 sq. M. Each house should also have a small courtyard and a terrace for relaxing in the summer. All houses should have a spectacular, minimalist architecture and all are linked stylistically into a single composition. This house is special ...

It is dominated by the atmosphere of harmony, tranquility, aesthetics. Both the architecture and the interior remind us of the Japanese trend known as wabi-sabi. Everything is simple here, without any frills. This home is for true aesthetes, it encourages thinking, thinking about global issues, looking for answers, philosophizing.
A special element in the interior is the dining table designed by our workshop. It is a kind of monumental sculpture. It consists of a glass table top filled with wood shavings (this is important since the whole house is made of wood) and a concrete base to which the table top is attached. There is a metal structure hidden under the countertop and in the concrete that holds it. The table looks suspended in mid-air. In the living area near the sofa there is a table from the Ukrainian furniture factory "INTERIA". It also resembles a sculpture made of wood and fits very harmoniously into this house.

Nearby is a floor lamp, which is made of plywood, a copper shade frame and leather laces. This is one of the developments of branded lamps from our workshop, the main feature of which is leather.
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