the chief designer and visualizer of the studio, artist
Graduated HIHMiD n.a. Salvador Dali.
She is madly in love with painting, used to make sketches wherever possible: in transport, outdoors, indoors, at parties. This was done with a great desire to understand the form, structure, how they work, from what they occur; In order to understand what is the color, where it comes from, how it interacts with light.

At her time, Tatiana was deeply interested in the history of art. She was studying it, living all ages, experienced all styles. Just has looked at any object, she can tell where the object is from and its story.

Tatiana likes travaling as well, especially the places where you can see and feel the culture and history.

Tatiana is deeply convinced that architecture and design must fully comply with the time of their existance. It’s the only way it will make sense and be what it’s intended.
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