Design a 2-storey house of 200 sq. with an office on the 1st floor and living space on the 2nd floor. At the same time, on the ground floor, make separate entrances to the office and residential areas. The first floor of a residential block should contain technical rooms, a staircase and a guest room.

The difficulty was that 100 sq. M. on the first floor, it was not easy to accommodate two blocks - an office and a residential one. Indeed, in addition to the stairs, it was necessary to place a boiler room, a room, a bathroom and a laundry room. But the complexity encourages you to dive into the task, combining zones in every possible way, like in a Rubik's cube. Therefore, we managed to make four different, full-fledged layout options, from which a choice was made.
The decoration of the house consists of our beloved shou sugi ban wood, resistant to the influences of nature, as well as transom clinker bricks.

The most original element of the house is its metal slopes with a chameleon effect. They make the architecture of the house very peculiar, with a special unique style. In addition, they serve as a curtain from the prying eyes of neighbors.
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