I want to work and live in one place. In order not to travel somewhere, and that would not have to pay for rent. That the office would characterize the architect with its appearance and design. It is an architect's dream - to live and work in a house that speaks of him ...

The project is a building that combines both housing and a full-fledged office for a staff of at least 10 people. The peculiarity is that the entire volume of the rectangular building is divided into two autonomous blocks with their own entrance.

This project is a reflection of the author and his desire to combine the place of work and living in one, creative space. Another feature is that the building is visually 2-storey.
In principle, this is how it is, only the second floor is not full, but a mezzanine. In the living area, therefore, on the mezzanine floor, there are rooms of personal space. The first floor is for general pastime.

The interior of the living space reflects a Ukrainian, modern loft. It contains a lot of clay ceramics, Ukrainian ornaments and fabrics. Chairs in the kitchen, lamps above the table and sofa designed by Grynevich Architects. The upper places, where the blue ladders lead, symbolize a large Ukrainian stove, where you can retire or sleep. They are located on two opposite sides and are located above the bathroom and hallway. Floor boxes along the entire wall can accommodate a lot of things, and also symbolize the shop, which was a must in the Ukrainian traditional interior.
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