To create an energy efficient home that would be compact, at the same time, seemed rather spacious, and its architecture would be laconic and at the same time look daring. In the process of designing the house, durable and very energy efficient materials were selected.

At the same time, in terms of cost, they are the same as everyone else. A particularly important role in the solutions is played by the heating and ventilation system, as well as the tightness of the perimeter of the house walls, foundations and floors.
All nodes of technical solutions in the design provide excellent economic performance. The maintenance of the house only takes about 3400 UAH / year! At the same time, in winter the house is warm and comfortable, and in summer it is cool, without using air conditioners. The house, thanks to the energy saving systems provided in it, naturally (without costs) gives what comfort and convenience depend on. The total area of the house is 190 sq. M.!
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