Today, the problem of energy conservation and investment in the construction of their homes are especially acute. Housing should be accessible to everyone, without compromising the aesthetics of the architecture.

Moreover, the building materials market is filled with proposals of those that are not environmentally friendly enough. At the same time, there are many alternative building materials that are exceptionally sustainable. Therefore, the house should not be large, have everything you need for life and recreation, consist of ecological materials and be energy-efficient.
It was decided to make the house in two parts. The first one has such zones as an entrance hall, a living room, a kitchen-dining room. The second part consists of bedrooms and a bathroom. The two parts of the house are interconnected by a walk-through corridor in which there is a large wardrobe. A walk-through corridor with a wardrobe is located in the immediate vicinity of the hallway, which is very convenient. The house stands on a columnar foundation, which provides significant savings for its construction and ventilates the underground.
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